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Auxiliary Engines

Product Description

Yanmar’s auxiliary diesel engines output 180–4600kWe, and are used in the world’s seas because of their good fuel consumption, durability, and reliability during long voyages.

Available Models

See specifications below



Series Power Range (kW) Engine Speed Specifications
6EY18LW 360–560kWe 720min-1 Yanmar Marine Diesel Engine Product Guide
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6EY22LW 600-120kWe 720min-1
6EY26LW 1300-1720kWe 720min-1
8EY26LW 1800-2300kWe 720min-1
6EY33LW 2250-3500kWe 720min-1
8EY33LW 3750-4600kWe 720min-1
6N165LW 320–360kWe 900min-1
6EY18ALW 400–750kWe 900min-1
6EY22ALW 800–1300kWe 900min-1
HAL Series 64–180kWe 1200min-1
6NY16LW 240–400kWe 1200min-1
6N165LW 400–480kWe 1200min-1
JHL Series 12–20kWe 1800min-1
CHL Series 24–96kWe 1800min-1
HAL Series 104–280kWe 1800min-1
AYL Series 320–450kWe 1800min-1
6EY18LW 360–560kWe 750min-1
6EY22LW 600–1200kWe 750min-1
6EY26LW 1300–1720kWe 750min-1
8EY26LW 1800–2300kWe 750min-1
6EY33LW 2250–3400kWe 750min-1
8EY33LW 3750–4600kWe 750min-1
6NY16LW 180–320kWe 1000min-1
6N165LW 320–400kWe 1000min-1
6EY18ALW 400–750kWe 1000min-1
6EY22ALW 800–1300kWe 1000min-1
JHL Series 10–16kWe 1500min-1
CHL Series 20–80kWe 1500min-1
HAL Series 80–232kWe 1500min-1
AYL Series 400kWe 1500min-1